The following is a list of quotes and passages from Dr. Sherman Jackson’s book, “Islam and the Blackamerican,” and should be used for educational purposes only.


  • “Islam has achieved its greatest success in the United States among the Blackamerican masses…Among the great Western democracies, America is unique in that the largest single group of its Muslims consists of indigenous converts…Islam owes its momentum among Blackamericans to the phenomenon of Black Religion.”
  • Historical Islam: “classical Sunnism…adjust(ed) to changing circumstances as the religion moved through space and time”
  • Prior to 1965: “Islam in America was dominated by an indigenous black presence…these movements…

“The trouble with principle is, first, that it does not exist, and second, that nowadays bad things are done in its name”


  • Neutral principles: “would I reach the same result if the substantive interest were otherwise”
  • Machiavelli: “there is no general rule, for everything varies with circumstances…Were he to have heard heard of Wechsler’s (neutral principle) question, Machiavelli would have relied by saying something like I hope not, for such rigidity would sacrifice the values and interests at stake in a particular moment to a formal consistency that valued nothing but internal consistency, in short, of neutral principle”
  • “As a…

Image taken from MIT Business Review

In a perfect world, we could protect the health of our citizens while also maintaining the strength of our economy. But in a world with limited resources and inept leadership, there is tension between these competing interests, and every one of us will have to answer a simple question in the coming days:

When does the value we place on the health of our economy supersede the value we place on human life?

Many politicians have already given opposing answers. By expediting the quarantine timeline, Trump chose to value corporate profit, as did the Lieutenant Governor of Texas who claimed…

Applying to law school may seem tricky — but the formula for success is quite simple

This article covers what you need to know on how to get into a top law school.


To get into a top law school, you have to beat the numbers game — the players with the highest GPA and LSAT win.

This article does a great job of explaining why numbers matter so much to law schools, but at the end of the day, the only thing that should matter to you as an individual applicant is that you need to get a high GPA and study like hell for the LSAT.

The cover of Assata Shakur’s Autobiography

Assata is a former Black Panther, dubiously convicted “cop killer,” and wanted “terrorist,” whose story carries with it profound insights on our political, social, and legal systems that everyone needs to understand.

Her crucifixion by the state began in 1973 when New Jersey Police officers pulled Assata over on the side of the road. During the encounter, Assata was unarmed and her hands were high in the air in a sign of compliance; but this mattered little to police officers who fired two shots directly into her body. …

The following are quotes pulled from Eqbal Ahmad’s Confronting Empire. I hope you find them as illuminating as I did.

Forward by Edward Said:

  • “Eqbal was shrewd and illusionless enough to realize that overturning societies for the sake of revolution only, without sufficient attention to the fact that human beings also love and create and celebrate and commemorate, is a callous, merely destructive practice that may be radical but is profoundly wrong.”
  • Gramsci: Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.
  • “This is part of the man’s rareness, knowing how to rescue the best available in a tradition without illusion…

“But some are more equal than others” — George Orwell

I recently read Animal Farm for the first time, and I immediately understood why this little story of revolutionary pigs and illiterate horses can so easily by typecast as a narrow critique of the Socialist Revolution; however, the lessons in this book are as applicable to us today as they were almost a century ago.

Among its most universally applicable themes is the power of literacy. In the highly allegorical story, pigs had the highest literacy skills, therefore, they became the authoritarian leaders of the animal farm. Those who couldn’t read fell into the bottom of the social pyramid. All…

Osama Alkhawaja

Law Student at the University of Chicago. Intern at Palestine Legal.

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